copyright token that utilizes the awareness of gamers

Raptors Gaming is an NFT, profile copyright token that utilizes the awareness of gamers belonging to the affiliated pro game team.

It was announced on the 8th that it will be published this month.

2,000 of these NFTs will be issued at the pre-sail-perieod scheduled for existing Riot Games NFT holders and fans of the squad.

After that, 3,000 will be issued through public minting where anyone can participate.

Meta Toy Dragons, in collaboration with Raptors Gaming, is an NFT project of Raptors Network. Simultaneously with the opening in February

In the global NFT exchange ‘OpenSea’, it ranked 9th in global trading volume and 1st in Klaytn’s trading volume.

It is emerging as a notable project.

Raptors Gaming is collaborating with Metatoy Dragons to establish NFT-based governance and develop e-sports business on blockchain.

In addition, not only major marketing and business activities, but also participation in decision-making on team operation such as player trading, prize money according to competition performance,

Priority is given to token rewards linked to skin revenue.

Raptors Gaming CSO (Chief Strategy Officer) Inmo Jeong said, “Through the project with Meta Toy Dragons, we will be participating in the future operation of the Raptors Gaming team.

We plan to lay a foothold for the community,” he said.

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